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ASI Submersible Pump Protector

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These units are used to protect submersible pumps in wells, lakes, ponds, tanks, excavations and other locations where sand and other foreign matter may clog pump impellers. Each unit consists of a 4" Sch. 40 slotted PVC well screen with a slip plug glued in one end and a high impact ABS well seal in the opposite end. The standard well seal is a PS4X1SS with stainless steel nuts, bolts and washers. This unit accommodates a 1" drop pipe and has a 1/2" vent tapping and a 3/4" cable hole. Other well seals available

Other Sizes of PVC Well Protectors and Lengths Available

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PP45010 PVC SCH 40 010 5 ft 4 in
PP45015 PVC SCH 40 015 5 ft 4 in
PP45020 PVC SCH 40 020 5 ft 4 in
PP45060 PVC SCH 40 060 5 ft 4 in
PP65010 PVC SCH 40 010 5 ft 6 in
PP65015 PVC SCH 40 015 5 ft 6 in
PP65020 PVC SCH 40 020 5 ft 6 in
PP65060 PVC SCH 40 060 5 ft 6 in
  Results 1 - 8 of 8 1