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 All Categories    Sampling Bailer - 1 7/8" dia
All Categories > Sampling Equipment – Bailers, Meters & Probes > Ground Water Sampling-Bailers PTFE > Sampling Bailer - 1 7/8" dia > View Items  

Sampling Bailer - 1 7/8" dia

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  1. Standard Top: "V" notched opening for accurate pouring.
  2. Point Sampling Top: Similar to standard top but includes a check valve that closes during sample retrieval, isolating sample at specific depth.
  3. Extension Coupling for joining bailer bodies to increase capacity.
  4. Bailer Body: Translucent tube for holding sample. Available in 1', 2', and 3' lengths. Capacity can be increased by joining with extension coupling.
  5. Standard Bottom: Ball valves seals quickly, prevents leaking and virtually eliminates premature opening.
  6. Control Flow Bottom Emptying Assembly: Control valve and tubing detach during sample collection from well. After collecting sample, insert valve assembly and use stop-cock to control flow from bottom of bailer into sample vile. Minimizes agitation and aeration.
  7. Bottom Emptying Assembly: Ball valve releases when plunger contacts sample collection vessel. Good for rapid purging.

To create a complete bailer for your specific sampling need, order at least one top, one body, and one bottom.

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Item #

Item Name



Bodies Length


D8653011 Top Standard 1 7/8 in N/A N/A
D8563221 Top Point sampling 1 7/8 in N/A N/A
D8653010 1" Length Bodies N/A 1 7/8 in 1 in 350 mL
D8653014 2" Length Bodies N/A 1 7/8 in 2 in 700 mL
D8653015 3" Length Bodies N/A 1 7/8 in 3 in 1050 mL
D8653013 Extension Coupling N/A 1 7/8 in N/A N/A
D8653214 Bottom Standard 1 7/8 in N/A N/A
D8653220 Bottom Bottom emptying 1 7/8 in N/A N/A
D8653219 Bottom Emptying assembly 1 7/8 in N/A N/A
  Results 1 - 9 of 9 1