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Environmental Sampling Products

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PI - Sample Type

The Norwell Dipstik™

The Norwell Dipstik™
is an outstanding sampler for free-flowing liquids. Just open the safety pouring top and the push/seal bottom and insert the Dipstik into the drum tank. When the desired amount has filled the sampling tube, place the Dipstik bottom against the bottom or side of the drum/tank and push until the seal snaps closed.
PI - Sample Type

The Norwell Mucksucker™

The Norwell Mucksucker™ has a syringe action for sampling fluids and sludge that have a high viscosity.
PI - Sample Type

The Norwell Pinpointer™

The Norwell Pinpointer™
allows you to sample liquids and sludge from predetermined points within drums, tanks and other sources.
PI - Sample Type

Sampler kit

Includes 40" Dipstick, 40" Mucksucker, 40" Pinpointer, Safety cleaning tool, Long coupling, Tube cleaning Brush and Plastic carrying case
PI - Sample Type

Optional Accessories

cleaning brush, handle extension and coupling