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Caps – Locking and Non-Locking

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PI - Brass Plug - 356TW Series

Brass Plug - 356TW Series

The 356TW consists of iron body and gasketed brass plug. The plug screws into the body and tightens down flush to the rim and driveway surface. 2" NPT thread for connection to well. "TEST WELL-NO FILL" warning is cast onto plug. Wrench is available (but not required).
PI - Locking Plug

Locking Plug

The 678XA has a bright orange plastic housing, brass wing-bolt, buna-N rim disc and stainless steel lock lever. This one-piece unit is made to plug, seal and lock-in place on a 2", 4" or 6" PVC (Sch 40) or Stainless Steel (Sch 5) pipe without adaptor or special preparation to the pipe. "TEST WELL" warning is molded to the cap. (Note: 4" plug requires extra gasket to fit Sch 5 SS pipe)
  • One piece
  • Watertight
  • Tamperproof



Brass Master, Stock No. 20001MB
Steel Master Stock No. 2001MG
Dolphin Brass Stock No. 112904DL
PI - Aboveground Well Protectors

Aboveground Well Protectors

Also comes with 3 stabilizer rods (3/16" diameter) located 24" from the bottom of the well protector. These rods can be bent to any position to help stabilize the protector during installation. The entire exterior of the 680XA is coated with an exterior grade primer to resist corrosion. Manufactured of structural sheet tubing Sch 5 or Sch 40, 4", 6", 8"
PI - Morrison 178XA Cap and Adaptor

Morrison 178XA Cap and Adaptor

The Morrison 178XA consists of aluminum cap and brass adaptor. Adaptor has special barbed design to grip permanently when installed on PVC pipe. Pipe need not be threaded. Fitting has buna-N gaskets and cast-on "TEST WELL" warning. (178XAT option provides cap chain link to adaptor). The 178XB adaptor is threaded. 178XA series works with Schedule 40 and 80 PVC well screen. 2", 4".
  • Watertight
  • Tamperproof
  • Easy to install
  • Inexpensive
PI - Locking Aluminum Cap

Aluminum Locking Cap

PI - Locking J Plug

Locking J Plug

The "J" Plug is an expandable pressure plug developed to fit inside a flush threaded riser or casing. On turning the wing bolt, the O-rings depress and expand to create a watertight seal, assuring against any contaminates leaking into the well. 1/2" - 8". Sch40 and Sch80.
  • Bailer or tool holder built right in
  • Fits Sch 40 PVC and Sch 5 stainless steel pipe
  • Stainless steel locking hasp
  • All white nylon housing
  • Made in U.S.A.
PI - Non-Lock Test Plugs

Non-Lock Test Plugs

1" - 8"
PI - Aluminum Fill Cap-Female Thread

Aluminum Fill Cap-Female Thread

2" - 4"

Heavy Duty Locking Plugs

Heavy duty locking plugs are constructed of high impact ABS plastic. These units fit the inside diameter of PVC or steel wells. An expanding urethane gasket seals the well. Each locking plug will accommodate a padlock for vandal-resistant security.